Monday, December 12, 2011

Hot Toddy!

Ring in the new,
Ring out the old, 
A steaming hot toddy
Will cure a bad cold!

1 teaspoon sugar
Small piece of Cinnamon
Slices of Lemon garnished with Cloves
1 1/2oz. Rye or Brandy
Boiling Water

Put a spoon of sugar in an Old-Fashioned glass; dissolve it with a little hot water, and leave spoon in glass. Add the cinnamon, lemon, and whiskey and fill the glass nearly full with piping hot water. Stir gently. Grate a little nutmeg on top and serve.

~From The Merrie Christmas Drink Book, 1955~ 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Merrie Christmas Drink Book

Just wanted to share a few snippets & recipes in my favorite little Christmas book from 1955!

"Hot drinks no longer have the same appeal for us that they had for earlier generations-- living as we do in steam-heated houses and apartments. Gone are the days when a piping hot bowl of Christmas Wassail gave warmth to the Christmas party in drafty Bracebridge Hall as described by Washington Irving. And gone are the days when a hot grog was a necessary potion for a New England farmer (and his wife) just before they went upstairs to their icy bedroom on Christmas Eve.

Nevertheless there are times and places when hot drinks are mighty good. Skiing and skating parties; Christmas-weeks at country houses which never warm up like and apartment; cold nights in Autumn, too early to start the furnace. At such times, remember these recipes!


Heat 1 quart ale almost to boiling point. Into it stir some grated nutmeg, powdered ginger, and grated peel of one lemon. While ale is heating, beat up 3 eggs with 4 ounces of moistened white sugar.

Put hot ale into beaten sugar and eggs in one pitcher, and into another put 1 quart of warmed rum or brandy. Turn ingredients from pitcher into another until mixture is smooth, then pour into holly-wreathed Wassail Bowl.

Use hot pitchers and a pre-heated Wassail Bowl. Be sure the drink is hot! 24 three-ounce servings."